About Our Laboratory

We established ATVIVO Laboratory to support physicians and patients in health management. At times laboratory test results can be overwhelming and difficult to understand.

Our commitment is to offer comprehensible laboratory test information and insights. ATVIVO reports are structured to allow focus on key results. Detailed explanations and trend analyses support deeper understanding.

We are a New York based and licensed Laboratory. Our services are tailored to the needs of our local customers to provide essential health care and to manage major health care challenges such as Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Health and Endocrine diseases.

We partner with exceptional Health Care Professionals and Companies to provide highest standards of laboratory services. We use latest technology instrumentation. We never compromise on quality and patient care.

Our Services

We are a local New York based Laboratory. Our Laboratory Testing approach is tailored to the needs of our customers and Health Care Partners.

Tailored Approach To Every Practice

Patient Friendly Reporting

Latest Generation Instrumentation

Dedicated Account Management

Detailed Test Information

Fast Turnaround Times

Reports And Status Online

Long Term Result Trends

EMR Integration

Flexible Pick-Up Times

Highly Qualified People

Our Test Categories

Our test categories are customized to support essential health care and major health care challenges such as obesity, diabetes, heart health and endocrine diseases. We constantly evaluate our test menu and adjust to the needs of our partners in care.