Are you tired of racking your brains to interpret test laboratory results? If the answer is yes, ATVIVO is on your side. Here at ATVIVO, we aim to provide support to physicians and patients with health management by producing easy-to-read insights and valuable test information. We structure our reports in a manner that allows our clients to first set their eyes on vital information and key results. On top of that, we also provide complete explanations to allow our clients to fully comprehend our reports better.

About Metro New York

Located in the heart of New York City in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey lies Metro New York, an extensive metropolitan district that caters to almost 20 million residents. It is also known as the largest and most affluent metro area in the United States. At ATVIVO, we understand that the demand of laboratory testing services in New York is high. This explains why we have personalized our test groups to provide aid to crucial health care and the challenges that come with health care. These challenges include obesity, diabetes, overall heart health and Endocrine diseases.

Professional Laboratory Tests in Metro New York

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Endocrinology
  • Diabetes
  • Cellular Hematology
  • Hematology Coagulation
  • Oncology
  • Urinalyses
  • Immunology
  • Drug Screening

ATVIVO offers Basic Metabolic Panel services, which essentially refers to key insights regarding your body’s metabolism. This test is conducted through a series of blood tests that measures your sugar (glucose) level, kidney function as well as your body’s electrolyte and fluid balance.

If you are looking for a test to find out more about your white blood cells, you might want to consider taking the Blood Differential Test. This test quantifies the percentage of white blood cells that flow through your blood. On top of that, this test helps to check if you have any unusual cells that might be of harm to your body. 

COVID-19 PCR Tests in Metro New York

The COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test is known internationally as the most accurate test to spot any functioning COVID-19 infections. Otherwise known as a molecular test, COVID-19 PCR tests help to identify genetic material through the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) which is a laboratory technique utilized to create multiple copies of a section of DNA.

COVID-19 Antibody Tests in Metro New York

Here at ATVIVO, we offer the COVID-19 antibody test which aims to contribute to our clients with qualitative and quantitative detection of IgM and IgG antibodies of those suspected of developing the virus. It is to help search for coronavirus antibodies in those who have been infected with COVID-19.

Why Choose ATVIVO?

Based in New York, ATVIVO aims to provide quality services to their clients through understanding the needs of their local customers. With that, we have tailored our procedures with the help of our highly skilled professionals to serve our clients better. We continuously evaluate our test menu and cater it to the requirements of our patients as we believe that it is important for us to deliver the best services to our clients.

For more information about ATVIVO’s laboratory services in Metro New York, feel free to contact us today.