Before taking a COVID-19 test, you may be concerned about how accurate one really is. Stories of false negatives and positives have been rampant, and they may be a cause of concern for you. We all want to do the right thing by getting tested, allowing us to self-isolate and receive medical attention as promptly as possible. However, this can be for nothing if tests are not accurate. In our guide, we tell you more about COVID-19 test accuracy and why you can be assured that the tests we run at ATVIVO provide a high level of accuracy.

Rapid Testing Vs. Laboratory Testing 

The main reason people are concerned about COVID-19 test accuracy is because of rapid testing. The results of these tests can be produced while an individual waits, besides being cheaper and easier to administer than laboratory testing. While there are good intentions behind this – people want to know as soon as possible whether they are infected so they can take the necessary precautions – there have also been concerns over its accuracy.

The COVID-19 PCR testing we offer at ATVIVO is a standard laboratory test, which means that it will  24 hours before you can get your results. As specialist equipment is used during laboratory testing, you can proceed with full assurance and confidence that our tests are accurate. 

Limitations of Rapid Testing

There are two main types of rapid testing: one is a “sped up” version of the laboratory PCR testing and the other is an antigen test. While samples are collected in the same way as a standard PCR test, they are not tested in a laboratory. Instead, they are added to a tube of fluid or administered through a test strip, with results being available rapidly. Although rapid testing has its applications and benefits, the truth is that a degree of accuracy is compromised for this speed. 

Below are some limitations you face with rapid testing:

  • A larger amount of the virus is required to be present in order to achieve a positive result. This is because the antigen tests are not as sensitive.
  • While a positive result can be interpreted as such, a negative result is less reliable. More sensitive molecular testing will need to be administered to confirm the results with certainty. 

It cannot be denied that rapid testing has its uses, such as for quickly screening a large group of travelers. However, individuals should always opt for PCR testing where it is possible for the higher level of accuracy.

Why Work with ATVIVO for COVID-19 Laboratory Testing?

As a licensed Laboratory based in New York, ATVIVO provides comprehensive and accurate test information and insights as well as detailed explanations for your peace of mind and deeper understanding. Our services are tailored to the needs of our local customers and to this end, we are offering COVID-19 PCR testing.

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